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Make Sure You Plan Before A Kitchen Redesign

Kitchen Islands
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and if you keep it looking modern, stylish and functional this will be a key selling point if you ever choose to sell your house in the future. It's extremely important that you plan before you redesign your kitchen; this will ensure you don't make any costly mistakes when the actual renovation takes place.
The key to the perfect kitchen is to plan ahead and make sure your planning meets all of your requirements for your new kitchen.
Planning a small kitchen
With a small kitchen you need to maximise all of the space you have and make sure every fixture is as efficient as it can be. The first step is to ensure you have as much natural light as possible as light creates the illusion of space and gives smaller kitchens a lighter, more airy feel.
You should also look for space-saving furniture, this could include cabinets that have compartments which open out when you open them, or cupboards and shelves built into the walls so they don't protrude into your work space.
Kitchen Triangle
The kitchen triangle is a popular planning method as it's efficient and functional. The triangle consists of the three main fixtures - your sink, fridge and oven - and these should be positioned at each three points of the triangle so it is easy to manoeuvre between each point. This will make your kitchen tasks much easier whether your kitchen is large or small. For a large kitchen you could also add a work space next to your sink for all of your food preparation tasks.

Kitchen Islands
Everyone likes the sound of a trendy kitchen island but first you need to use kitchen planner software to decipher whether you actually the room to put a kitchen island slap bang in the middle of your kitchen, and ensure you have enough room to move around it to do your daily kitchen tasks.
Live-In Kitchens
If you are lucky to have a large kitchen space you might want to create it into an open plan kitchen-living space. Kitchens are often used as a space for socialising if you are holding a family gathering or party so why not create a space where your guests can relax and mingle? You'll need to plan carefully to ensure your kitchen is still practical and functional as well as an area for people to congregate and feel at home. Live-in kitchens are a modern feature that are hugely popular at the moment, and this is unlikely to change, as life gets busier families are looking for ways to spend quality time together and what better way than to cook together and chill out?
Planning your kitchen thoroughly will ensure no costly mistakes are made thereafter, it will save you time and also leave you confident in the knowledge your kitchen will look exactly how you want it. Use home design software to plan your kitchen to its exact dimensions.


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