Designing Successful Kitchens

"Designing Successful Kitchens"

Designing successful kitchens 

A step-by-step kitchen design eBook on how to research, design and build the Kitchen of your dreams.

Immediate access to this electronic book by a simple download.

To create successful kitchen designs, you must understand the technical and organizational aspects of it's functions along with how to create an environment that captures the look that you want.

This eBook provides a comprehensive explanation of the step-by-step process of residential kitchen design and construction. It addresses a full range of projects from simple, "magic makeovers" to complete remodeling.

Recent trends in kitchen designs are explained, including themes and styles, as well as new kitchen cabinets, islands, and the latest appliances and finish materials. It contains over 80 internet links to hundreds of ideas for traditional and innovative designs as well as the thousands of products that are available to add impact to your design ideas.

In this eBook you will learn:

How to approach the kitchen design process.
Do you need a Professional Designer? How to work with a "Design Center". Is "Design-Build" right for you? Should you draw the design and plan the kitchen cabinets yourself using "kitchen design software"?

Developing a preliminary scope of work
How to create kitchen designs that you can afford. Choosing the priorities for your kitchen remodeling ideas. How to estimate the construction costs and keep them under control from the beginning.

How to find and develop ideas for kitchen design.
This e-book contains over 80 direct links to the internet where you can research and collect ideas for kitchen design right down to the cabinet hardware. You will be able to review and print out images of kitchen cabinet doors, Islands, appliances, granite countertops, flooring and many other products for your project.

Understanding the Basics of Kitchen Design.
Learn the 5 basic plans that most kitchen remodeling starts with. What will fit in your space? How to design islands and develop kitchen cabinets into plans using a set of kitchen design "rules of thumb".

How to choose kitchen cabinets and counters.
View and choose from a large collection of kitchen cabinet doors styles, hardware, materials, and finishes. Download specific product data. What to look for in quality kitchen cabinet and island construction. How to choose durable granite countertops that will enhance your design.

Choosing kitchen appliances with the features that you need.
Options for appliances have increased and so have the prices. What features do you really need and how much should you spend? Links to over 25 kitchen appliance sites show you all the latest styles to choose from including stoves, refrigerators, sinks and faucets, dishwashers and more.

Basic drawing techniques.
Simple techniques for drawing your design and planning your kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands are explained including sources for CAD and "kitchen design software". Dimensional "standards" and "rules of thumb" for kitchen designs are illustrated to help you put it all together.

How to choose and combine colors and finishes.
Options for colors and finishes are explored for kitchen cabinet doors, cabinet hardware, flooring, granite countertops, islands, appliances, walls and ceilings. The do's and don'ts of choosing and combining colors for new and kitchen remodeling projects are explained.

Lighting your design.
How to develop a lighting scheme that provides ambient, task and accent lighting for functional needs and to feature the best aspects of your design such as a kitchen island.

Adding features that make a difference.
How to develop basic plans into designs with an impact. 25 professional designer tips to help you distinguish your design and capture the special look that you want.

Getting your kitchen built.
How to prepare your project for bidding and award. Choosing your Contractor and tips for negotiating a good construction contract. How to avoid problems during construction and keep the project on schedule.

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