Monday, May 14, 2012

Planning your new kitchen

planning a kitchen

Here are some points to consider when planning your new kitchen:
  • Try to keep existing service points when planning as rewiring and plumbing are costly.
  • Think about ventilation points and do not plan units over them.
  • Sink units and worktop drainers need to be planned first as these are the biggest items, and don't forget about dishwashers.

  • When measuring, if the unit is to fit in a particular space, or when the unit needs to join onto another, take care to get the exact size.
  • Consider whether the worktop needs to be flush sided to go against the wall or rounded at the corners if it's to go on a freestanding unit.
  • Plan in your main areas – sink, cooker and food preparation – close together.
  • Note any height restrictions like low or sloping ceilings, if wall units or tall cupboards are planned.


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